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Join our Sustainability Bootcamp 

We want to get you moving on your sustainability journey. 
If you’re a small-to medium-business, we’re offering a six-session Bootcamp to equip you with all the tools you need to GoZero.


SESSION 2 Climate and carbon basics with Ekos
Thursday 6th October, 9am-11am (in person)

Understand the severity of the climate emergency and the role your organisation can play in responding to it. Learn what carbon emissions are and how these can be reduced through reduction and offsetting.


SESSION 5 Circular solutions with the 
Sustainable Business Network
Monday 17th October, 9am-10:30am (online)

Learn how to take action to reduce emissions from your business using the Climate Action Toolbox. Understand the basics of the circular economy model and use the Circular Economy Directory to shift your business within this model.


SESSION 1 Sustainable Wellington City future for businesses
Wednesday 5th October, 9am-10:30am (online)

Get to know the future of climate action in Wellington City and why it’s important to act now. We’ll look at how individual workplaces, like yours, can contribute to Te Whanganui a Tara's carbon reduction goals and make a positive impact.


SESSION 6 Carbon reduction solutions with Ekos
Thursday 20th October, 9am-12pm (in person)

Get started with your carbon emissions reduction plan as you work collaboratively with other businesses during the final session. By understanding your biggest emitters, you’ll be able to move forward, make a plan and GoZero.


Understand and demonstrate what retention and sustainability of our taonga and natural resources looks like from a Te Ao Māori perspective. Learn the relevance of relationship and connections with our environment through Pepeha (Identity). Gain the ability and confidence to demonstrate the essence and ethos of Mana, as well as embody Māori Core Values and Principles. 

SESSION 4 Bicultural understanding of sustainability with Whetu Rangihaeata
Thursday 13th October, 9am-12pm (in person)


SESSION 3 Implementing change with the Sustainability Trust 
Wednesday 12th October, 9am-10:30am (online)

Discover how taking a systems approach can encourage sustainable behaviour. Get key tips to create a business case for effective buy-in with your senior managers and be able to identify the best ways to facilitate change.

A big thank you to the Wellington City Council for funding this programme through their Climate and Sustainability Fund. 

This fund is an initiative in the Council's Te Atakura- First to Zero climate action plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 and create a culture of climate change action. 

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of Toitu Carbon Zero

100% of your registration fee will be donated to Trees That Count. Thanks to Wellington City Council for funding this programme.


We’re now at a point where sustainability has entered the mainstream. No longer the reserve of interest groups, consumers’ and businesses’ environmental impact matters – ethically, financially and from a brand perspective.

Recognising the importance of this is only just the start. While daunting, organisations who want to thrive are beginning to embrace what sustainability means for their employees, their customers, their stakeholders and their suppliers.

We help mitigate the ‘daunting’ aspect by making sustainability accessible to, and affordable for, businesses wanting to take their first steps. Join us.


Introducing ‘All Things Carbon’ 
webinar series

FREE Online Webinar Series | All sessions ready to stream

A changing climate is a today and tomorrow challenge that many of us are familiar with or at least know will impact us. Increasingly, businesses are looking at carbon management as a way to account for and reduce their impact. This has multiple steps from measurement through to verification with the critical element of emissions reduction at the centre, and its evolving climate-positive and science-based targets are the next logical steps. Are you keen to learn more?

Join BusinessNZ Network, Deta, Ekos, thinkstep-anz and Toitū for the ‘All Things Carbon’ webinar series.

PART 1: MEASURE | Start streamingPART 2: VERIFY | Start streamingPART 3: REDUCE | Start streamingPART 4: OFFSET | Start streamingPART 5: CLIMATE-POSITIVE AND SBTI'S | Start streaming

Introducing Sustainability: the what, why 
and how for small businesses

Wednesday 31 August 2022, 9am-4:30pm with Lauren James

If you are a small to medium sized business, this course will introduce you to the key elements of sustainability and give you the confidence to get your business started on their sustainability journey

Integrating sustainability into your business is essential. Sustainable businesses not only protect the planet but also protect the people, with better futures in mind.

Over the course of a day, you will connect with other SMEs and learn about the following topics:

  • The what and why of sustainability
  • Carbon
  • Climate change
  • Waste
  • Circular economy
  • Social responsibility
  • How to get started



GoZero Sustainability Bootcamp - Coming back in 2023

Check out what the BusinessNZ Network is doing >

Sustainability - Focusing on what matters for your business

Time and date TBA | 3/11 Hunter Street, Wellington Central

An interactive and high-impact sustainability workshop that helps you to understand what is important to your business and how you can focus your sustainability effort. It is designed to be attended by 2 people from your organisation so you can collaborate.

 This workshop, delivered by thinkstep-anz, helps you to:

  • Identify and understand your, and your stakeholders', sustainability needs and drivers 
  • Understand what is important and how this prioritisation can help your business 
  • Learn about the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and identify which apply to you and your business 
  • Refine your focus to what you can do to deliver impact 
  • Leave with tangible, actionable steps to embed sustainability into your business.